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The final workshop will be devoted to working with Copernicus-based imagery from scratch and learning about the opportunities to access data from Copernicus services (land, atmosphere, oceans and climate), WEkEO and EUMETSAT.


  • General Introduction, Daniel Lee (EUMETSAT)  

  • Copernicus Data Use Case, Ignatius Williams (Regional Marine Centre, University of Ghana)

  • Climate Infographics, Paul Fisher (ESA) 

  • Producing an Image of the Day, Annamaria Luongo (Copernicus Support Office) 

  • WEkEO Opportunities for the Media, Fabrice Messal (Mercator Ocean International)

  • EUMETSAT Opportunities for the Media, Noemi Marsico (EUMETSAT) 

  • Wrap-Up & Good Practice Guide, Hayley Evers-King & Ben Loveday (EUMETSAT) 


Watch the recording here

Access the presentations here

The Good Practice Guide is a collection of resources and guidance on visualising EO data and promoting it on social media. It is a participative guide designed to enable contributions from the entire community. 

20 June Event